knowledge is power?

i’ve got tons to do the day this is being written (tuesday, june 17th) so let me crank out a brief sixer…

…hell, at least you still got a sixer out of me, right?

six things i learned doing my lazy ios bits

apple cd’s and windows 7 don’t mix – the first couple were done on my tried and true dell latitude e4300, which still runs fine, and runs windows xp…but i wanted to get a new notebook while i had the dough, so i got myself a newer dell latitude running on windows 7 pro, and while it’s really nice (about 45% of my data has been migrated, the music being the bulk of what’s left…and at 12,000 tracks that’ll take a while) it apparently doesn’t like the old cd kramer gave me. no issues on xp, tons of them (i.e. rebooting three times to do three bits off it) with seven pro. no bueno.

i screw up the spelling of “surprised” a lot – or at least i used to. all better now, it seems.

a lot of the old whore crew is still around – the people i refer to a lot in these eleven to twelve year old bits are still around…and the ones i make out to be flakes and annoyances? no longer with us. not “dead”, just not in my life. shit, i guess they could be dead…haven’t talked to them in years. i don’t really care either way, quite honestly.

lockhart girls like to fuck a lot – as i still don’t have internet at the house (the ufc plans to remedy that quick fast in a hurry) i’ve had to upload a few of these at the library (where i’m currently sitting) and two women have walked in here in the last five minutes, each kind of attractive and each with FIVE kids a piece who all call the woman they walked in with “mom”. they are now all running about the library unsupervised and unattended while their moms surf (and i can see it from here) facebook and (gasp!) dating sites. fuck a big bunch of all that! i always said when it came to kids (as i had none) zero was optimal, one was cool, two was pushing it, and three was no go. but five? again, fuck a big bunch of that shit!

the bbq’s used to be more secret? – i know i’ve done them every year, and have shane as witness for the bulk of them 2000 – current…but i guess i didn’t consider ’em whore worthy? i never found the bits, but now that i type this i was looking around the actual date, and as i used to have more normal hours (and, as a result, more normal hour friends) i tended back then to do the bbq on the sunday closest to it, which was typically father’s day. not having kids, i didn’t care. as less and less of my “normal” crew attended, i molded it to the actual day if it was mid-week, as a metric fuck-ton more of my friends and co-workers are off on a tuesday than a saturday…case in point, next year my actual birthday is on a friday, but i’ll do the bbq on thursday. i’ll still take friday off, though; just for some ufc (then ufw) time.

and finally…

these used to be a lot longer! – i just marvel at how much i have to scroll and scroll to get through the older entries…i guess i had a lot of time on my hands? these days i have a rant or tow, but for the most part they tend to be considerably shorter by comparison to the “good old” days. eventually, with internet at the house, i’ll get all those loaded up under their appropriate months as i will with all the stuff on the jump drive where i “rescued” a few hundred entries after the great server debacle of 2k8…so look for that ridiculously long list of archive months to get even more ridiculous.

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