i have figured it out

the problematic school shootings and other mass shootings have prompted loads of debates…

…let me weigh in on them real quick.

the main thing people focus on is guns. they ARE involved in all the shootings – that’s kind of what makes them “shootings”. so that, in my opinion, is cheating. there’s tons of folks who want to make guns, or at least certain guns, illegal. or at least the assault rifles. or assault rifles that can shoot more than ten rounds without reloading…which i guess it lawmakers way of saying that ten dead high schoolers is okay, but eleven is going to far? before we start trying to make guns illegal let’s look at weed…

…as in marijuana.

why do i bring that up? because about a century ago some lawmakers, afraid that they would lose money they had invested in the timber industry if the nation found out that hemp was a better, more economical AND ecological way to make paper and textiles and such they would go for it and timber value would plummet…so they made hemp, and it’s cousin marijuana, illegal. weed has been illegal for almost a century…and yet one in three high school seniors will admit to poll takers that they’ve tried it. that’s not accounting for the ones that WON’T admit it or the ones that weren’t polled ’cause they were out back behind the gym getting high when they were conducting the poll…so i would say it’s probably closer to half. HALF of american high school students have tried to put the “high” in “high school” by my estimation…and that shit’s been illegal for a century? but they can still get it?

how hard would guns be to acquire? i’m just saying…

another report i read blamed the pharmaceutical industry, siting that 99% of mass shootings take place with poeple on meds. this, again, is like pointing out that they all use guns. in order to have mass shootings or blinding violence you have to have three basic components:

somebody to do the shooting (which typically isn’t going to be somebody grounded in reality)
a gun
people to shoot

the end.

so if we’re going to try to ban guns, because they’re involved, or meds, because crazy folk are involved and yes, they have been to the doctors and they’ve tried to medicate them but clearly it either didn’t work or they stopped taking them, then we should really ban the real problem:

white boys.

look at the news – when the high school or where ever the fuck gets shot up, and the gunman always turns on himself to keep the mystery alive, so they have to show some old picture of them, who is it always?

white boys.

with the exception of the dc sniper all mass shootings in the last two decades have been perpetrated by one demographic – white males.

so let’s just ban them from the school district!

unlike guns and drugs race lines have actually been successfully implemented in the school system – just look at almost any high school yearbook pre-1966. it CAN be done. it HAS been done. guns clearly can’t be stopped, and big pharmacy has enough lobby money to get anything going…that’s why pills get approved with twenty times the side effects as the cures.

but white boys who aren’t even old enough to vote yet? who gives a shit!

AND get them out of the schools and system should right itself in no time…who’s with me?

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