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talk about your white people problems…

…i recently had to go shampoo shopping and it sucks.

you wouldn’t know from looking at me, but just like when i had the long hair i’m kinda snobbish about my product. the difference is now it lasts a bit longer…like i bought a 750ml bottle of tigi for men when i bought new pillows for the ufc to spend the night…back in december…of 2012. that’s right – a fifteen dollar bottle of shampoo (thanks to ross – msrp was around $25) lasted me for eighteen months. of course now i just use it for head-lube for when i shave, so one pump works for the whole job…although back when i DID have hair, one pump worked then as well, and i only washed my hair every other day (kinda like now i only shave it every other day) so it probably woulda lasted the same even if i still had the long hair. regardless, it’s now a dead bottle.

but finding its replacement? that was a whole different challenge.

i couldn’t find it at any ross…and i checked a couple. well, more like four. and a few marshall’s. and no such luck. i finally had to bite the bullet and buy a smaller bottle from h-e-b. it cost me eleven bucks, and was only 400ml, but i figure if the 750 lasted me eighteen months it was worth it to drop eleven bucks to get me through nine or ten months? i mean, it’s basically a buck a month, so it gives me time to find something else and the smaller bottle will come in handy for road trips or the honeymoon or whatever, so it should be worth it…

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