well, shit – another buy out

okay, so we discussed the apple/beats thing, which may be awesome OR perhaps awesomely bad…

…time will tell.

but now we’ve got at&t buying direct tv, and that sucks for me. why? because i love me some direct tv – and those telegraph folk (it’s what the first “t” actually stands for, in case you’re curious) are some grudge holding motherfuckers…

…allow me to explain.

in the early 2000’s, for a brief while, we had at&t and southwestern bell, or “sbc” here in texas. the two had been together forever as part of the much loved/hated “ma bell” monopoly and then split in the 1980s (i think) but you still got all one bill, just some pages were labeled “at&t” and some “southwestern bell”. me? i never flipped through the page upon page – i just looked at the first place where it said the amount, shrugged, wrote a check, and moved on.

easy breezy.

but some time in the early 2000’s they decided to break off into two separate bills…but i didn’t know that. so my sbc bill comes in, i pay it, i move on with life. i get an envelope from at&t, but figuring it was an ad of some sort i pitch it, as i do with all the others that follow. next thing i know i get a collection notice for…wait for it…seventy-four dollars. i call up and find out this is a twenty-six dollar bill and the rest is fees which, because it was in collections, they would not wave. they also didn’t care that i had faithfully paid my sbc bill every month because “we’re not the same company” (in reality they always were but never mind that now).

so fast forward ten to twelve fucking years, and i go to get internet…and am told at&t won’t touch me, but the rep i had on the phone wasn’t sure why. he just knew my name was “flagged” as was my address and he couldn’t proceed with my order for service. as i got screwed by time warner via alex’s years at the house i wasn’t sure what i could do…but then direct tv started “offering high speed internet”. i put it in quotes because they OFFER it, but they don’t PROVIDE it. they use third party companies. and the third party for my neck of the woods?

at&t. fuck me.

so now we’ll see where this merger takes us. originally today’s bit was supposed to be about how i loved how on direct tv i had all kinds of insane channels, like the a&e biography channel, which shows almost nothing but the biography stuff…but now it’s going to change to “fyi” and be all about “fashion and style”. so where the fuck am i supposed to see rodney dangerfield biographies? he’s not fashionable OR stylish!

oh, well…here we gay again!

“here we gay again” was the title for the bio/fyi bit and i just HAD to use it somewhere…

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