i’m cool again!

i was nervous as fuck about an hour ago…

…you know i’m nervous when i KNOW how to do a car repair that will WAY up my quality of life from the last week and i know it’ll only take a half hour or so and i still keep procrastinating it.

but i finally did it, and the operation appears to be a success!

you never know how much you miss some things until they’re gone. no a/c in your car sucks. but no a/c or air circulation of any kind? in fucking texas? that’s just some straight up bullshit. but the guy i bought the bad part in houston never got back to me so we ordered a new part on wednesday and had it overnighted…it came in too late for me to install it yesterday, but i went out this morning and, since i had just done this last friday, it all went down, start to finish, in under thirty minutes. so now we’re all good, the fan blows again, and between filing against the dick in houston AND returning the blower motor it turns out i didn’t need i should get most of what i had to pay for the new part back…

…not bad.

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