strippers and see-gars and booze? oh my!

of course, talking to my gay friend brought up a marriage thing i never thought of…

…the fucking bachelor party.

it never crossed my mind. from what i knew it meant one of three things:

1. strip clubs
2. last night out with friends before you’re on “lock down”
3. one last stab at freedom

let’s address those in order…i’ve found that, sadly, i don’t enjoy strip clubs. at least not the last couple i’ve been to. i have a friend who’s a hostess at one, and most of the women are pretty that come up to tip out to her, some not so much. but that was always the case at those places. last time i was at one IN austin (the aforementioned one is in round rock closer to the ufc’s place) the tables were so crowded together i practically gave somebody a lap dance just trying to sit down – and then all the girls seemed so young i felt downright creepy. on top of that, the buddy of mine who was with me had to lie to his girlfriend about where he was that night, adding another layer of bullshit to this – do i really want to have to change my story in front of certain women so their boyfriends or husbands don’t get busted? that just seems like bullshit – plus we all know it’ll end up on here…

…then there’s the lock down thing. guess what – that’s not my future life or wife. the ufc’s not that type of girl, and for once the use of that sentence is a good thing. she likes my friends. my friends like her. hell, i don’t think she’s met any of my buddies she’s said a cross word about. while some would postulate after marriage that might change, i honestly don’t think it will…naive as that might make me.

and then there’s the third one, which typically implies you go out and fuck somebody else, or do something else wild and crazy you can’t do once you “put a ring on it”. again, not interested – i’m MORE than taken care of in that regard, and after our first date i would have felt like i was cheating – and i genuinely have a fun time with her, be it out and about or just running to target…this little wifey lifey seems like it’s going to be a good time.

so i’m not saying “nfw” to a bachelor party – but if it doesn’t happen, i won’t be upset. it’s still nine months and some change away…we’ll see what develops on this.

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