logic has no place amongst naked dudes, apparently…

when i first saw the sign i thought they were joking…

“please refrain from using your camera phone in the locker room” – mgt, gold’s gym

the reason i thought they were joking was ’cause…well, DUH! then i thought about all the shirtless selfies that i see on facebook or hear about on dating sites (back when i was on them, not currently) and thought to myself, “yeah, i guess those probably happen in there”.

the problem is, most people get others in the background.

still seemed like it was just logical – until some fucking foreigner yesterday tried to get into it with me when i told him to turn off his camera because he was FUCKING VIDEO CHATTING from the locker room.

i thought i saw it wrong.

there he was, half dressed, with is phone propped up in the locker facing him…and he started yelling at cursing at me (in portugese?) when i told him to turn off the camera. “fuck you, don’t be an asshole”, i said, and he kept yelling some unintelligible shit in whatever language he speaks as i walked out…i mean, honestly – video chat in the locker room? what country do you think this is – brazil? thailand? like i wanna be on pierced-cocks.com or some shit…

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