that’s some fucked up tail right there

okay, so my two LEAST favorite kind of bits are the “check out this shit in the news” bit or the “check out this fucked up photo” bit…

…and now i’ve done both back to back.

shit, at least i took the damn picture. although i might have to go back and get a better one:

place fuct

i don’t get this, and i’ve seen it around austin a LOT. maybe it’s just a magnet thing and i’m over-reacting, but it sure as fuck doesn’t LOOK like a magnet thing…as you can see with the green circle there’s a place for a plate, and then, as indicated by the red circle, there’s where they MOUNTED the fucking plate, which for all the world appears to be done with drilled holes and bolts or screws…

…if they’d done this to any of my cars i’ve had never bought them.

but i see this a LOT in austin, usually with cheaper ghetto-ass dealer lots, but occasionally with some of the biggies – are they really drilling holes in the fucking cars for this ridiculous shit, or is this all done with magnet trickery? inquiring minds want to know!

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