that ain’t too pimpin’, pimpin’

i hate when i do a bunch of “did you hear about this idiot in the news?!?!” bits…

…but did you hear about this idiot in the news?!?!

i thought pimps were supposed to be all tough and shit – and while they’re not known for their smarts, this is a NEW level of stupid. this dumb ass here:


is suing nike. one of the brands that us white folks will even wear that is fucking SACRED in the hood, yo. air jordans, anybody? you don’t FUCK with nike. this idiot is suing them for $100,000,000.00. that’s one hundred MILLION dollars. why? because he got pissed and beat down one of his ho’s and a john stomping them out with his nikes, and went to jail for it. so he’s suing nike because there’s shoes aren’t labeled as weapons and don’t come with warnings saying they could be dangerous…

…nigga, please!

anything can be used as a weapon. i could slit your throat with a dollar bill if it was crisp enough. i could choke you out with budnik’s collar. ANYTHING can be used as a weapon if you’re pissed enough – just ask a resourceful parent! but to try and sue a multi-billion dollar corporation for using their shoes to stomp a bitch out? that’s the real bitch move right there…i hope somebody punks his ass out in the shower before spring break…i’m just sayin’!

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