holly daze (not just a girl who used to blow me for pot in college)

so, did everybody have a good holiday?

…you always get that question right after xmas, don’t you?

i know i did. my reply was simple and direct:

“the lasagna came out bad-ass and she said ‘yes’, so mine was pretty awesome…”

yep – the ufc and i are now officially engaged.

it’s confused some of my friends, ’cause we’d already let it slip that we were getting married on our anniversary this year but there hadn’t been an official engagement, ring, etc. why? because while she’s been married before and it didn’t go well per say (she still technically is as of this writing, if you want to split hairs) i’ve been engaged two and a half times (long story) and that’s always been when things have gone awry, so i’d always told her we’d go from “in a relationship” to “married” (using the facebook status terms here) and just skip the middle man.

then came the conversation.

actually, that’s the wrong term.

saying it was “a conversation” implies that she told me about this so i’d propose properly, which i honestly don’t think she did – but it came out while were sitting on the couch bullshitting one day that she had never actually been properly proposed to with her previous marriage, they had simply “had a discussion”…

…i didn’t even want to know what that meant.

so i decided since i am trying to make this as far from her previous marriage in the satisfaction level (in every way i can) i would do the proper ring-fueled proposal and do it at xmas, so i did. i’ll spare you all the mushy details, but she said yes and we’re still on lock for the place and date i’ve mentioned to a few of you (but i’m not making it total public knowledge or anything).

and the title?

while doing some of the repeats i did over xmas i stumbled across it and found i’d used the title twice (which i think is pretty good) both in 2002 and 2004…i used the opportunity to slide those in the archives, and recycle the title – and there we are.

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