six little puppies, fiiiiiiiiiiiive golden…

in reality, in my lifetime, i’ve had eight dogs…

…and by the time this goes up so you can read it, the other eight might have their own banner.

but as of now they don’t, and given what all i’ve got going before xmas i don’t know if they will. this will be the last new entry of 2013, as i typically run old bits during the week between xmas and the new year, kicking off with the xmas bit – and given that with the exception of the ufc this has been a pretty shitty year for me, the shittiest part being copper passing away, i decided this was a positive note to end on. the day she passed i made a banner for the site in her honor and let it run for a week, and decided during that week to make one for each of my dogs, but only the last six got done up. i need to see if i can even find pics to scan of the previous two, but if i do rest assured i’ll complete the set. we’ll run through the whys and what fors:

julie 1986 – 2001

lil julie

i got julie after the only time i went dogless in lockhart. my previous pup had passed during the winter (right before xmas) and mom made me wait till spring to go to town lake animal shelter to get her. she was pretty, and like most pretty girls i met in the 1980’s she didn’t like me (or anybody else for that matter) very much. she lived the longest of any dog i ever had, though, passing away in her sleep the night before i had her scheduled to be put down due to some big health issues…i’ve been blessed enough to never go through that since my first dog. i put “…wasn’t here” on her banner ’cause she wasn’t – she passed in october of 2001 and i started writing the site in february of 2002. i did the chalk board thing ’cause she was my dog through high school and college.

calum 1996 – 2007

lil calum

calum picked me out of the crowd at amy’s ice cream in the arboretum (a shopping mall in north austin) after a full day of helping kramer move. i picked the name out of a baby name book (what the fuck?) tanya had left behind when we split as it was irish for “bringer of peace”. given the size of his paws a tiny ball of black fluff i knew it would fit – and this pic says it all on his size. i wanted to use two, but i really liked the way it looked with one. he’d defend me till death, which happened in my arms at 5:55 in the morning a month to the day before my last grandparent died. ironically i woke up at that exact minute the morning i found copper. coincidence?

buffi 1999 – 2010

lil buffi

buffi was an odd one, ’cause i realized after she passed that she wasn’t “my” dog, she was calum’s. i got her for him when me & jen split and she took her dog who calum had a pretty big crush on and calum got so bummed he stopped eating. he proceeded her in death by a couple years, so i did him a solid and took care of her – but she was always lounged out, so decided to do her banner to reflect that.

copper 2002 – 2013

lil cop

i should note i’m listing these out in the order they came into my world (and that copper found me as an adult, and was guesstimated at between one and two years old at the time (july 2002) so i took the average of that (eighteen months) and figured her birthday around january of 2001), not the order they left it. miss copper was the first dog completely documented here on the whore, and i always thought she was a close second to calum as my favorite, but realized that she actually had the top slot a bit ago. she was the inspiration for all this, and she will be missed. don’t ask me why i used austin powers lettering – just seemed like the thing to do at the time…

lucky 2004 – 2010

lil luck

this was the most tragic of the crew – while everybody lived to over a decade, lucky has a freak heart attack before he could even turn six and died in the backyard just after sunrise one morning. on the up side, for most of his early life i worked a lot, as did alex (who made me adopt him then wanted to give him to a shelter when he got too big for her to lift) but for the last year of his life i worked only three days a week and was around a LOT. that was cool. a little homage to the ufc with the seven “u”‘s in “duuuuuuude” based on a drunken text soon after we hooked up where she said she “loooooooved” me. to this day that’s still how we text it. i guess the “luck of the irish” theme is obvious here, which is ironic given his early passing…

…and finally:

dude junior, aka “DJ”, aka lil’ dude, aka “dude”, aka “budnik” 2010-

lil budnik

i figure with all the “aka”‘s in his name he sounded like a modern rapper so i went with a more “urban” theme on his banner and tried to pick some photos where he didn’t look a lot like lucky, which in coloring he kind of does. he’s the first dog to deal with me solo since julie, we’ll see how he holds up. the ufc is slated to move in next summer and bring her dog, so if he can last like that we’ll go that route…so far he seems to like having his dad all to himself.

so that wraps up 2013 for new shit – all the best to you and yours from me, budnik, and the ufc. good-night everybody!

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