a case of “the holiday fuck it”s?

i’m not really in the xmas spirit this year…

…but then again, i seldom am.

but at least i’m not in as bad a place as others. i’ve had two run-ins with locals here that clearly are not in the spirit of the holidays…unless that spirit is “don’t give a fuck”, in which case they’re a fucking disney cartoon.

first off:

i feel if you’re quoted an amount for a job, you need to come in at budget. dopey me. if you tell me i’m gonna pay a certain amount for a service, and i drop something off with you for said service, i expect to know what i’m paying when i come back…and if there HAS been some kind of up-tick in that price you need to call my ass and let me know. don’t throw that shit at me when i show up to pick up said valuable and act like you’re gonna hold it hostage unless i pay the new amount. fuck all that. and this was a chunky (25%) raise up. first excuse was what i was told when i asked why it was so expensive to start. second was that “i was bumped ahead of a lot of people to finish this up on time”. first off, thanks. secondly, i never asked you to. thirdly, you beat the deadline by over a week, so you could have taken more time and not charged me…and again, if that service DID cost extra, just ask me – i would have found a way to get more dough. don’t spring it on me at the last second…that’s bullshit. and i let them know.

it should be noted that i paid what i was quoted, and that all details were omitted above as to not reveal a gift to a loved one that might read this before xmas…

then came the postal service:

don’t get me wrong – if i were them i would hate this time of year…but in this case i had something that said “DELIVERED” that wasn’t. when i contacted the seller (it was an international eBay thing) i was told, “well, it says delivered – out of my hands. not my fault. clearly i shipped it” (but in broken english as the shipment originated from hong kong). when i went to the post office i was told, “well, i don’t know…” when i spoke to the guy that actually DELIVERED my fucking mail the day they said it had been delivered. he knew he hadn’t put a box down…or that “maybe somebody took it off your porch?”. when i explained i had lived here for thirty-five years with no mail theft i got a very sarcastic sounding, “really? THIRTY-FIVE years? are you suuuuure about that?”

my response?

well, i moved in there september of 1978 and it’s 2013 – do you wanna grab a calculator so you can do the difficult math mister sarcasm?

guess i should be glad he didn’t “go postal” on me?

miraculously my package was found within the hour in the post office. i wonder how long it would have sat had i not gone down there and dealt with their “eh, fuck it” attitude?

government benefits, exercise, and no accountability? fuck me, now i wanna be a mail man…

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  • UFC Dec 26, 2013 @ 11:47

    Good thing I didn’t read this before Xmas…I would’ve gone crazy trying to figure things out!

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