the fabulous garden state

i gotta admit, if i had to predict the next state to allow gay marriage…

…i never woulda guessed new jersey. and yet ten days ago, there we were.

i find it ironic that the state who’s populace coined the term “half a fag” (as in “he’s treating me like i’m half a fag over here” to indicate a high level of disrespect) now is a state where half a fag can feel more whole by marrying his better half. or something like that. either way they did it, that’s awesome, and i never would have called that they would be one of the first…

…but i can still guarantee texas will be one of, if not THE, last.

my personal opinion? stated it almost two years ago, and it went a little something like this:

if you consider gay marriage objectionable because it says it’s wrong in the bible, that’s okay. of course, it also says you can own slaves, shouldn’t talk to a woman when she’s on her period, and bunches of other stuff we don’t think is right but never mind that now. if your religion doesn’t agree with gay marriage, i don’t have an issue with that – simply don’t allow gay couples to marry in your church. have your clergymen (keep in mind the bible says women are property, not equal to men, and therefore can NOT be clergy – hey, if you’re gonna follow the book, follow the whole fuckin’ thing!) not perform the gay wedding ceremonies lest they be excommunicated. that’s fair.

but from the LEGAL aspect, where gay folks can LEGALLY marry, and have all the LEGAL rights thereof (shared property, filing taxes jointly, and all other spousal LEGAL rights) religion has no place in the argument as we have a seperation of church and state, and last time i checked all men, regardless of race, creed, or sexual orientation are created equal in the eyes of the law – so close the bible and give them the rights they’re due as law-abiding, voting, tax-paying members of society and shut the fuck up. hell, at least it will give you something extra to bitch about on sundays, right?

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