i gotta get to the outside world again

i have to look into getting internet at the house…

…i think.

see, current plan as of now is for the ufc to move in next summer (2014). she has roadrunner. i was thinking of getting another sprint connection, but that requires a two year contract and i’d rather have real internet at the house.

let me explain…

in addition to being able to pop bits up on here easier, and play with the iTunes radio kramer was raving about (which sounds for all the world like pandora, spotify, or slacker radio, but i guess it’s cooler ’cause it starts with an “i”?) i’d like to be able to work with shit i’m selling online easier. i placed two ads from the ufc’s apartment on monday – alex’s old beach cruiser, and Mom’s old piano.

the piano got one response that petered out. the beach cruiser? i’ve had six replies last night and four more today…and i sold it yesterday afternoon. the problem is i can’t take down a craigslist ad via mobile (i don’t think). but with real internet this could be easily resolved. now i gotta wait till i get to work and then try and remember to do it once i’m there (the latter is the hard part). we’ll see how that plays out. but for now, i gotta get ready – hopefully any other ads i place in the near future hit this hard and fast as far as sales go…but i still need to get rid of that fucking piano.

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