shake what the lord gave ya’…for the lord!

i saw an odd headline the other day…

…”former stripper quits dancing after she finds god”

here was my question – since when is this news?

there is a church (don’t worry shane, i’ll find the address) who populates its pews with the souls of lost, former strippers. it was founded by an individual that said god appeared to her and said, “go feed the strippers” (hard to picture that without any “thees” and “thous” but never mind that now) so she started going to strip clubs and serving home-cooked meals while offering moral guidance.

ain’t that sweet…

what i don’t get is how this is news…i’ve lost track of how many people with “unsavory” careers or lifestyles find god and turn shit around, as it were. in my eyes all they’re doing is converting one addiction to another, but if they feel happy and fulfilled i ain’t gonna shit on it.

what i am pissed about is i had a good bit to match with this fucker for friday and i have COMPLETELY spaced it. i really gotta start taking better notes for myself…

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