what’s wrong with corporate america (part whatever)

it’s a case of simple math…

…my ex used to manage a nine west outlet store. as part of her management pay she got stock dividends, which with her brief time with the company she earned eight tenths of one percent of one share.

what the fuck kind of “incentive” is that shit?

so she gets a quarterly stock report from the investment firm that handles this. they send it religiously…to MY house. ’cause that’s the last known address they have for her. so it comes in, via snail mail, and it’s metered so i see how much it costs – the current one was forty-six cents. they’ve sent this to her every quarter since she departed the company, which was at the end of december…of nineteen-ninety eight. so that’s four mailings a year…EVERY year…for fourteen years. to let her know how her “corporate investment” is doing.

and the latest one? the first one i actually opened ’cause i usually just throw them away? it’s up to a whopping one dollar and eighteen cents.

yes, you read that right – four quarters, a dime, a nickel, and four pennies. and they’ve spent almost two bucks a year for fourteen years, or almost THIRTY FUCKING TIMES what the stock is worth, all to an address she hasn’t lived at since april of nineteen-ninety-nine.

and that, on a small scale, is why our economy will continue to crumble, ladies and gentlemen.

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