some things you just don’t do on the cheap

tattoos and piercings come to mind…

…but there are other, more common ones.

with my work schedule i watch a lot of late night tv, but not typically late at night – a lot of my television watching (90%, give or take) is off the dvr, and so most commercials get skipped…but a lot of times i let them run (i have to hide the remote from myself so i don’t reflexively fast-forward) and i clean or do laundry or what-not during their running, so i might not SEE them, but i HEAR them.

one that runs a lot is for a website where you go on and rank products and get paid for it. i don’t know how legit it is, i tend to think they do it to pool email addresses and what-not to sell to people for marketing purposes; kinda like, “they fell for our shit and came to the site and registered, maybe they’ll fall for yours, too!” kinda thing. and the ads always start with a bogus ad that cuts off just as you’re falling for it and talk about how bad an idea and cheesy that was…

…the other day i saw such an ad and thought it was one of those, but it was legit. sad, really.

and it was for dollar shave club.

the ad is cheesy as fuck, and is basically for a service whereby you order your razor blades through the mail and rather than getting the name-brand shit, you get cheaper generic shit for pennies on the dollar compared to what you normally buy. think of all the money you’ll save! why, you could by scarves to cover up your chewed up neck!

okay, so in all sincerity i’ve just had bad luck with generic blades and it’s enough to make me NOT want to chintz out on this kind of shit…and i use two kinds of razors, one for my head (that blade they don’t offer) and one for my face (that one they do). i used the generics back when i didn’t really shave anything but my neck and it chewed me the fuck up…i just doubt theirs are better, but the online reviews match their ads, which claim their blades “are f**cking great”.

here’s the extended remix of the ad:

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