i needed that like i needed another hole in my head

wait – that’s exactly what i got…

…well, technically two:


note: NOT actual size

so i’d been talking about doing this for a while, but finally did it. gotta say – a nose piercing is pretty painless. now, a second one – really fuckin’ close to the first one, where it has to have the jewelry from the one mere moments old leaned on by the forceps for the second? that fuckin’ sucks!

yeah – so don’t do that.

still have one piercing that needs to be re-done (a nipple ring that rejected after thirteen years…what the hell?) and that will do it for the ritualistic stabbings…curious to see if our piercer looks at this as a “gateway” even where now he can talk me into dermals and shit?

hell, as long as he’s paying for the jewelry…

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