do i want my dog tv?

better question – do they?

answer seems to be “no”.

i’d never heard of this, but there’s now a channel called “dog tv” that’s not just for dog owners, but is actually made for DOGS. soothing music and imagery, it’s meant to be left on while you’re away to keep your dog mellowed out and cool. or throw it on when you’re around the house, i guess, to keep them preoccupied?

the latter is all i’ve gotten to do so far due to the car issues…but they don’t seem to care when i’m at home.

currently they’re airing their “afternoon relaxation” segment…music that is damn near putting me to sleep (NOT what i need as i’m about to go get the special order tool from ‘da zone and get started on getting mobile again) and images of what appear to be bulldog puppies. when i walked out of the den to type this dude followed me in here, and while copper is relaxed and sleeping at 10am when i’m home that’s pretty much the rule, not the exception…

…so what does this DO, exactly?

better question, why do i think i should pay for it?

i discovered this because i got a notice that this channel was free till august 14th…is that really doing me any favors? the picture quality sucks (but then again, most doggie eyesight ain’t so hot so i can see how hi-def would be cost killing) and my dogs don’t seem to care, even when i leave them alone to go outside to work on the car or the yard or whatever; so if it doesn’t entertain me, and it doesn’t entertain them, is it worth it?

clearly not.

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