reveal? for real?

i’ve done a bit or two about how society has basically gotten lazy ’cause of all the holiday off time people expect these days but we never got those back when i first started working…

…but i didn’t know people had started inventing events to milk gifts out of people. until now.

has anybody heard of a “baby reveal party”?

it’s basically where a mother-to-be invites a select group of friends over, where just like a baby shower (but this is several weeks prior to the actual baby shower), they are expected to bring a dish and gift, so that they can be there when the mother first learns what the gender of her bundle of joy is going to be…

…this is fucked up on two levels:

1. it’s pretty fucking hard to buy a baby gift when you don’t know what the little nard is gonna be (although in this case the two ladies throwing the party are going to be notified forty-eight hours in advance so they can plan themes/decorations accordingly, which to me adds to the audacity of this bullshit).

2. in this day and age of social media you’re essentially dropping fifty bucks (i’d figure at minimum between gender-neutral gift and food or wine or what have you) to know something people will learn for free via facebook, instagram, tumblr, pinterest, or whatever the fuck within the hour of your arrival at the house.

i don’t know if that’s a worthwhile investment, but then again i’m not a chick nor a parent so maybe i just don’t “get it”?

in researching this the earliest article i could stumble across was barely a year old (which made the one titled “updating gender reveal parties for 2013” laughable – it’s not like much changed from 2012 to 2013, did it? youtube takes it back as far as 2008, apparently) and nobody on the planet will take credit for coming up with this ludicrous idea…


because the creator of this pre-natal annoyance would be about as safe as george zimmerman…what? too soon? wait for the sixer and the facebook post i’ll do to stoke that fire.

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