i like how apple made this easy for me…

…basically, take any word we always used before and put an “i” before it and BAM – you’ve got an apple product. at least with the iPod there had been plenty of “pods” before, but none of them could hold the whole of my music collection; at least none that i’d ever crossed paths with.

but phone? tv? tunes? just throw an “i” in front of it and brother, you’ve got a trademark.

that was easy.

(wait – that’s now copyrighted as well…what has this world come to?)

this isn’t iPhone bitch, but a sprint one. i’ve been in kind of sticker shock the last few weeks ’cause, as per usual, doing a change to my plan (in a store) means i have to call and have stuff explained to me three or four times as they didn’t tell me about little hidden charges or surprises when it came to what i was agreeing to pay for the next two years.

this happens a lot.

i don’t know if i blame the reps or not. surely they could be more thorough, but given the fact that i’ve rarely been to a sprint store with less than an hour wait, i’m sure they’re under a bit of pressure to churn and burn (sales term for getting people in and out as quickly as you can) and when you do that some corners get cut.

for example i wasn’t reminded that while we jumped over at the perfect time for the ufc, as her verizon bill cycle wrapped on may 15th, doing so with sprint (where my bill cycle goes till the last day of the month) would result in me paying my normal bill for half the month ($45) and then the new bill for the last half, plus the two fees i thought he was gonna waive but he didn’t for the ufc and her mom’s lines coming over from verizon, so when i called expecting my past due to be $100 or so instead it was over $200.

that was surprising.

or the fact that they tell you your plan will be one amount, but in reality it’s ten bucks more per line because of the “premium data” you have to tack on since you have a smart phone. never mind the fact that pretty much every fucking phone they sell is a smart phone, and if you want a NON-smart phone they have to go get it from the back where they hide (like the cheap-ass cigarettes at the grocery store that aren’t in the bin, but rather in the cabinet with the shitty cigars and dip and such) and that they’re actually as much (if not more) than better smart phones.

but that never got mentioned, of course.

then there’s the insurance. it’s only eleven bucks a month, which is a pittance compared to buying a iPhone at replacement cost ($600), but in reality it’s thirty-three bucks a month (three lines) which is about $400 a year or $800 for the term of the contract…just in case shit happens.

it almost makes you pray for shit to happen so at least you feel you got your money’s worth. it’s like car insurance – i went almost a decade (if not more) running insurance only the month i had to renew my inspection and such, but after ticket number two cost me in total about a grand, i decided maybe this didn’t need to go down quite that way any more…

…but phones don’t come with tickets, so if one takes a toilet plunge between now and, say, may of 2015 i won’t be heartbroken. just sayin’.

looking this bit back over i’m starting to feel like i am REALLY in the wrong business!

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