breaking tradition…and that’s okay

usually the sixer after the juneteenth bar-b-que is set aside for one of two things…

…either a wrap-up of what happened, or my version of the new year’s resolution sixer which i HAVE done in january from time to time, but just as often in june since june is the start of MY year, i.e. i changed my age and shit.

most of the time it’s the latter.

i actually did a little research and read back some sixers and resolution bits and shit and found that, despite my attempt to be all creative and new and shit i basically tend to always talk about the same shit, i just phrase it in new ways. it’s always…

my weight – i’m at 220. i’d like to be less, but i’m not going to kill myself. the ufc and i tend to eat crappier because…well…the kid does, and say what you want unhealthy food tastes fucking GOOD. we’re gonna set some goals for while her kiddos away this summer, and with the apartment being private we have some fun ways to achieve those goals.

my bank account – “short term pain for long term gain” is something i heard a lot during my dell days…and i figure if i can ride shit out for another year i should get a raise mid-way through, and will be golden if all goes as planned and i’m not living alone shortly after this time next year…so this one, while not instantly fixed, has some real light at the end of the tunnel.

my job – i actually really love my job. not a lot of people can say that.

the crib – if it wasn’t for it being fuck-all hot more would happen on this in the summer, but again i set a goal on this and will make sure i achieve it. it’s actually pretty realistic as long as i don’t push it all off till late august or some shit.

the ride – for being hydro-locked less than a month ago it’s not “crisp”, but it’s on the way nicely…a few more things here and there and i’m ready to take on the “why the fuck won’t the top drop right?” issue!

and finally…

i’m so tired of being alone, i’m so tired out on my own – great al green lyric, but hasn’t fit me for the last seven months and some change, and i don’t see it fitting me again…well…ever. damn, i love that girl.

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