raise your hand if you ain’t gettin’ any?

wait – what are you doing with your hand there?

…eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww – never mind, keep it down.

i learned something new today; while we all know june has father’s day, and most of you (thanks to me) know about juneteenth, there was a more sinister designation at play that makes part of my life make sense…although fortunately that part is now the PAST.

all of you know about the traditional juneteenth bar-b-que…but most of you don’t know about the sexless tradition. through either being with the wrong girl or being single my birthdays have been relatively nookie-free with only four as an exception.

four. out of forty-one. that’s fucked up.

i could grant you them being sexless till the age of say, sixteen or something and it’s okay. but back those out and it’s still four out of twenty-five. that just ain’t right.

fortunately the ufc plans on reversing this streak on the long term. damn, i love that woman.

but you know what’s funny? i found out in addition to the daddy day, and who’s your daddy day, june has another significance – it’s CELIBACY AWARENESS MONTH! like we need a month to celebrate the folks that don’t get laid? fucking seriously? i may have to have some more fun with this…

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