hump day in baw-stun?

i remember when “video killed the radio star”…

…and a whole new level of music was born.

you didn’t just have to SOUND good, you had to LOOK good. kicked a couple gifted uglies in the face (which given their appearance looked like it had already happened – neil young, steven tyler, i’m looking at you…) and almost cost them their careers. and then there was all kinds of schlock that started to get radio air play, sales, and notoriety just ’cause it came out of a pretty face.

look – my cock has been known to come out of a pretty face. and on it. but it doesn’t deserve radio play or sales numbers…i’m just sayin’.

and that was the mtv revolution…of the 1980’s.

but then in the 1990’s they tried something that mysteriously took off – “reality” tv. i put it in quotes ’cause…well…it’s NOT real. it’s all made up. predominantly scripted. hell, to be honest, “improvisational tv” is a bit more accurate, as most situations are scripted and most circumstances planned, it’s just the improv bits that are “real”. putting people up in a pimped out house with no real bill concerns is far from “the real world”. hell, if anything, i think this might be responsible for the current generation thinking they can just party and be assholes and things will just be taken care of; their parents always told them, “things will be different once you get out in THE REAL WORLD” and here was a show that was called “THE REAL WORLD” showing them that in the real world everybody is pretty and cool and had loads of drama and bullshit but no bills and a fabulous well-decorated house that they just happen to “have”.

and two decades later the network still prides itself on doing the same thing – putting a bunch of young “adults” together and paying for some killer place for them to live so they can do what young “adults” do best when they have no real financial concerns: get shit-faced and fuck anything that moves and generally be stupid.

and now they’re exposing the dismal future of our country one segment at a time…

first came jersey shore which showed that italians and pseudo-italians with their spray-tans and gel hair and such were an embarrassment to our country…and then, speaking of country, they did the same with stump-jumping hillbillies with buck wild…but since that didn’t pull the numbers they wanted (the honey boo-boo clan pretty much has embarrassing rural folks down to a science over on tlc) they’re going back to the city for wicked single in boston…

…yeah, buddy.

so if you ever wanted to see if the boston babes were as annoying with the noises that ted said they’d make while getting fucked now we get to find out…

…and speaking of “finding shit out”, and to keep the boston theme of the day alive, the dropkick murphys are in town, the show is sold out, and i am ass out of money. today i guess i find out if one of my artists who says he’s friends with them (and the dozen or so backstage passes over his station would indicate he is) can pull some strings!

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