i did a good thing, i did, i did!

about a weekend ago i needed caffeine…

…this is far from uncommon.

what was uncommon was the walk back, ’cause when our piercer at our p-ville shop (isaac) and i cut through the back lot of an abandoned tex-mex restaurant we saw fuckin’ LUGGAGE behind the bushes – and homeless people don’t usually carry dell laptop bags and shit.

or at least most of the ones i’ve seen don’t.

“that looked fucked up to you?”, i inquired.
“shall we investigate?”, i continued.

(i’d like to add isaac DOES know other words than just “yeah”, but it was the most appropriate under the circumstances)

we dug through and there was lots of folders and paperwork and nothing else – no laptop, business cards, only folders and a pair of prescription glasses…but all the paperwork had “city of san marcos” seals all over it (which was about fifty miles south of where we found it) and the same name on lots of it, so i called the work number (answering service) and the home number (answering machine) and left a message on the latter…

…took about five minutes to get a call back at the shop.

turned out THREE WEEKS PRIOR this guy went out at a nice restaurant and his truck window got smashed and the cases got taken – and all they ever had in them was paperwork – but it was paperwork he needed as they were originals, not copies, mostly notarized shit, and all having to do with his gig as captain of the fire department. he figured when the thieves saw there was nothing of value they’d pitch them in a dumpster…but instead they were behind bushes where i found ’em.

he was ecstatic.

i made him more so when i let him know that now that i knew who they belonged to and that he was in san marcos (fifteen minutes from my house) i would be more than happy to run them into town the next day as i had errands to run around san marcos anyway. he met me at my first stop, and through me a little gas money for my trouble. throw a hash mark on my karma kard, kids!

(wait – does bragging about it on here negate the karmic point?)

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