jeffersonian + texan = bullshit

i don’t mean to clown on my fellow texans, but they need to make up their fucking minds…

…’cause i mean, seriously.

the thing that bugged me most about this election (and the year leading up to it) was the latest wave of religious fanaticism. or so the media in less mainstream places. i don’t line that term, ’cause we didn’t have a “religious” issue with the “religious right” we had a “christian issue”. i never saw muslims or buddhists or satanists or any “ism” or “ist” (or jews) shoving their beliefs down my throat…why? ’cause they never fucking do!

christians on the other hand? totally different story.

and because he was anti-theocracy and coined the phrase “separation of church and state” thomas jefferson, principle author of the constitution and fourth president of the united states was literally being written OUT of the history of our country by textbook companies being puppeteered by the CHRISTIAN right because he disagreed with them but was revered for being an intelligent, rational human being who just happened to sleep in on sundays.

and then obama won.

and the same right-wing nutjobs who swore that jefferson were the devil were on the news talking about how “if this country was gonna re-elect obama we needed to secede and become our own country, because we believe in the constitution and the principles our country was founded on as set out but THOMAS JEFFERSON”.

his kids in the wings, “who’s that daddy? he’s not in our history books…remember, you said he was a godless heathen!”

“shut-up, kids – he’s better than that nig…i mean ‘liberal’ they voted in”

remember “they” was the electorate AND the popular vote – and the gold medal for MOST popular votes in ANY presidential election went to obama in the 2012 election. the silver? that went to obama in 2008. can’t recall the bronze.

but the bottom line, for all the right-wing media noise – the american people HAVE spoken. again. and he won. again. with more votes than any president elect EVER. twice. and saying you want to become your own country based on the guiding principles of a man you only months before sought to write OUT of history only goes to show that the right wing can only agree on three words for anything ever:

“god did it”

and the rest? confuses the living fuck out of them apparently…and that was the same problem that hurt the democrats in 2004 – the people that wanted W voted for W (not gonna lie – i did). the people that DIDN’T want W? voted for kerry…or nader…or ron paul…or…and couldn’t get behind any single idea other than they wanted anybody that WASN’T “W”. shit, i even got one-tenth of one percent in 2004.

okay, maybe i didn’t. but you get the idea.

you have four years to see if you can get a cohesive thought going: good luck.