one letter ain’t a thought

we all hate it, but we all do it…

…the “k” text.

and i don’t mean texts to kramer. no, i mean when somebody says something or asks you something via text and you respond with just “k”. the only thing annoys me about texting more than that is people that put every sentence in it’s own text, versus really maximizing that 160 character limit – like very stream of consciousness…think about the folks that shoot six very short IM’s for every IM you send when you’re online. you know who i blame for all this annoyance?

the mobile companies.

they’re the one that started that “unlimited text” shit so now nobody cares how many they send. shit, is there anybody that still has a text count plan any more? i remember when alex and i split and she had to pay for her own mobile bill for the first time…well…ever. she’d been on her mom’s plan before she got on mine, so she had no clue what these things cost. in trying to trim her monthly expenses down she took the 500 text message plan versus the unlimited – which was only five bucks cheaper. but they really nail you for every text over that five hundred, and her first bill had over fifty bucks in text overage charges.


but i blame the unlimited text plans for those times i send A (as in single) text to somebody and pick up my phone to see SIX new messages, but they’re all really short, to this effect:

yeah (message 1)
that works (message 2)
see ya then (message 3)
cool? (message 4)
hello? (message 5)
u there? (message 6)

and this was all after i shot a quick “lunch still on at jason’s in san marcos around noon?” yes, i even still type the word “at” instead of “@” when it’s in a sentence and not an email address. why? ’cause i’m not that fucking lazy and still believe in speaking english whenever possible. all six of those came from the time i tossed my phone on the foot of the bed, walked into the bathroom, took a piss, and walked out.

that’s ridiculous.

and now i’m starting to look for phone upgrade ideas since i am now HAVING to go with a smart phone. the great debate seems to be “android” or “iphone” – i was originally leaning towards the latter, but having to actually text myself from somebody’s iphone 5 the other day and having issues with fat-fingering the touchscreen keyboard (which is pretty funny seeing as how my lg with a real keyboard has keys half that size and i never have an issue) so i’m thinking fuck it – if i have to get a phone i can’t wear like a pager anymore and it’s gonna be too big to fit in the phone carrier on my backpack i might as well go AS big as possible and get a tablet phone like the samsung note or some shit. thoughts?

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  • Shane Nov 14, 2012 @ 9:22

    One thing I hate about texting is shorthand. Hence my text alert, a Sam Jackson line from Pulp Fiction, “English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?”. How many years did we spend in school learning the proper usage of our native fucking language, wasted just to bastardize it for the sake of brevity? Um, no thanks. I’m as lazy as the next guy, but even I have my limits.