up and atom

i don’t know what my deal is today…

…but i am bouncing off the fucking walls this morning.

wide awake. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. wired to the fucking tits.

i have no idea where this is coming from.

in truth life is fairly lame right now. no woman around, despite my best efforts to the contrary. they cum, they go, they don’t offer an explanation that makes sense to me, and while the stereotype is “agree to disagree” i’ve learned my mantra needs to be “understand you just won’t understand”. as long as i embrace that i find myself at relative peace when it comes to my relationship with the fairer sex…

…well, all except for that one cute lil’ redhead that’s addicted to me like no other and can’t let go. and the feeling’s mutual. miss copper, i love you, too. (she’s licking at me knee as i type this so i felt a shout out to her, and yes, you as well, dude (he’s now shoving her out of the way as if i’m reading aloud as i type or something and feels neglected) was appropriate).

money’s kinda in the shitter, too. my economic situation these days is a mighty delicate balance. the “oh shit” margin is at zero. so while all the bills can typically be covered without incident, let the car battery die ($190) and all goes to hell. not fun. and now the slow season’s kicking in, so despite working my ass off and selling shit on ebay i still find myself just barely BELOW water.

so it goes.

but i’ve been sick most of the week and skipped the gym all last week for several health (both mental and physical) issues that were at play so maybe this is partially the result of my first workout in a week last night? i dunno – but i went to bed at 1:30am or so, and woke up just before five ready to go. i guess i’ll enjoy the energy while it’s here!