and the hits just keep on coming

i guess this kinda thing happens at “milestones”…

…and your car’s miles hitting the six figure mark is a bit of a milestone.

but enough already.

i had the oil issue in june. the fuel pump in july. both of those left the car stranded on the side of the road, which given the fact it can be broken into with a pocket knife (just slit the top) that didn’t sit well with me. roadside stranding is the only time i regret the “convertible” thing. made it out of august unscathed, but now in september a coolant leak has sprung up…is it a simple hose? the water pump? expansion tank? any way you slice or dice it gives me a bad feeling – keep in mind it was a radiator leak that killed the cavalier, a bad head gasket leaking coolant into the oil that killed the malibu, and there was some coolant leak issues on the camaro that didn’t sideline it for more than a day, but still stressed me to all hell and almost left me stranded on the side of the road.

so i’ve got a fluid history here.

it’s only lost four ounces of coolant since sunday, if that…but from what my boss says that’s “a lot” for a sealed system. i’m supposed to give him a ride to drop his car off to get worked on at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow so we’re gonna see what we can see looking at it. on the upside, the repairs on this haven’t run any more than they would on the chevys – on the downside, i don’t even have chevy-grade repair money these days.

keep your fingers crossed for me.