the lamb has been slaughtered

okay, i just made an observation as i started to write this…

…this makes religious (or at least slightly religious) bit number three, which since i do a bit every OTHER day means this will wrap up my unintentional holy week – promise.

moving on…

as a gemini you’d think could multi-task better, but when i’m reading a book i like to read THAT book. it bugs the ass out of me to have multiple books started. what happens (more often than not) is i get dragged off by a book and then another comes along that interests me more and i head off with that one leaving the other abandoned with nothing but a bookmark left wedged in it to show i was there. (yes, i tried to make that sound as violating as i could)

two books most guilty of that? “killing bono” and, more recently, “lamb”. i’ve actually re-started “killing bono” TWICE now. lamb just kept getting dragged out…so i came up with a rule for myself – thou must complete lamb before reading ANYTHING else. usually these plans get de-railed by a new dorsey book coming out at the start of the year…but i had missed the one that came out in 2011, and when i finally got it i was elbow deep in “lamb” (yep, did that on purpose, too).

then came dorsey’s xmas book, followed by the one in 2012. all sit gathering dust now as i pushed myself to finish of lamb. and last night, thanks to kicking sleeping pills, i did. good read – highly recommend it, even (hell, especially) if you’re one of those religious types.

now on to the dorsey, and stick a (pitch)fork in holy week – it’s done!