the dollar that wouldn’t die

i guess there are worse problems to have, in hindsight…

…but this was just annoying, and kind of funny all at the same time.

so last weekend after i did my grocery run (with kathi driving due to the dead fuel pump at the time) i had an extra dollar. not like i only had a dollar to my name, but there was only one single. i walked over to the lottery vending machine and bought a dollar scratch-off which i promptly forgot about until the next day.

i scratched it off monday, post-car repair and pre-work and won a dollar. i stuck it in the car so i could cash it in when i went into town, but when i did what i bought at the convenience store rang up to $4.32 so i just gave them a five and traded the ticket for another dollar scratch-off, which i scratched off later that night at one the shops.

and won a dollar…again.

i’m off tuesday and wednesday, but everything i purchased monday, tuesday, and wednesday came up to amounts that lent themselves to OTHER currency – $9.88, $4.95, $19.50, etc. so i never cashed the ticket in to actually USE the dollar, and finally on my way back in on thursday, after making a convenience store purchase for $4.25 i traded the ticket for a buck scratch off…and won ANOTHER dollar.

the same thing happened saturday morning (i spaced that it was in the car on friday) and then saturday night when i tried to trade it in it was too late and all the lotto play was shut down for the evening.

i should add in that i was never picking out what game to play – i kept letting the clerk pick my game for me…each time. and it was always different clerks and i never got the same kind of ticket twice. until sunday – not a game ticket repeat, but a clerk repeat…and that’s what finally broke the cycle. lost when i let the clerk that traded out the first one on monday trade it out on sunday.

but i can’t help but wonder if somebody else had been covering that morning if this would still be going…