one island, five rings, zero flava

ah, the olympic opening ceremonies…

…where we’re reminded of countries we’d completely forgotten about since the LAST olympic ceremonies, which is where we last heard from them. reminds you that while the world is getting smaller with the electronic universe and the interwebs and facebook and all, when all is said and done it’s still big enough to have places we completely space even exist.

so things go.

it’s also the time every year we gather to watch sports that have had competitions since the last summer games, we just didn’t give a shit. when did you gather in a bar last to have a beer and watch fucking swimming? i mean, unless you were once ON a swim team, for fucking somebody on a swim team, or at least trying to fuck somebody on a swim team?


so now the world will focus on england. england? you know – fish…chips…cup o’ tea? bad food, worse weather, mary fuckin’ poppins england. to watch the modern pentathalon (which this year will be bullet free!) and rhythmic gymnastics (not making that up), and bmx, and men’s basketball (since they started allowing pros to compete is there any question who wins this shit?) and the like.

yeah, good times. or so i’m told. me? been there once. want to back to ireland…not so sure about the “mother land”.

and really don’t think i’ll be cozying up to the telly to watch women’s wrestling…unless there’s oil, mud, or jell-o involved!