smoke ’em if you got ’em – it’s better than plan “b”, trust me!

my smoking friends fall into one of two categories, and i’ll call some of them out by name here…

…but before we go any further, i should quickly note that the term “smoking friends” is referring to people that actually smoke tobacco, not some other, less law-friendly substance. just so it doesn’t seem like i’m snitching folks out here.

moving on…

…the two categories: the unabashedly unapologetic (shane, harold, kramer, leia) and the ones that really want to quit, and might even be working on it, they just haven’t yet (craig, ronny, various other artists we have). it’s the second ones i really worry about now, thanks to a commercial i saw the other night, and actually thought to myself, “i should note what this shit is and see if it helps them…”

until i heard the side effects – than i didn’t want anybody i know any where near this shit. how can this be better than smoking?

an example – “side effects might include depression, suicidal thoughts AND ACTIONS?!?!?”

what the fuck? this stuff will drive you to kill yourself? but at least your LAST breath will smell better? how is that a trade off? i mean, i know smoking causes more than just bad breath – went to a friend’s old place to see his parents that other night and his moms talks through a hole in her throat ’cause of a multiple pack a day habit. but when you hear “COMMON side effects include trouble sleeping AND UNUSUAL DREAMS?!?!?”

this shit will fuck with your dreams? the pharmaceutical freddie kreuger and shit?

fuck all that – just smoke.

odd side note – this bit was orginally written back in february, and pushed off when something more timely came up no less than THREE times, finally landing here as my last “advanced scheduled bit” (i.e. we’re back to all bits being only days, instead of months, old) and in the interim leia, the only one on the list with insurance, has actually quit smoking with this shit, which i commend her for immensely. she said she never had the suicidal shit kick in, but did have some pretty fucked up dreams about animals and killing or something like that…she told me about if over lunch when i saw her for the first time on twenty years so, in my defense, i was focusing more on her “pretty” than her odd smoker-drug dreams…