it’s a good day for tattoos, but…

the shop always gets slammed on friday the thirteenth…


a few reasons – first off, it’s friday. secondly, it’s a friday the thirteenth, and a few shops do thirteen dollar “13” tattoos on this day; but we spend more than that for ink, needles, and disposables on any given tattoo, so we’d go backwards, and there’s no need for it. the only argument anybody can make is, “hey, it gets people in the door”. well, we have no problem with that, and most people that wanna drop thirteen bucks for ink DON’T come back and spend a few hundred…they just wait for the next friday the thirteenth.

that being said, memorial tattoos are always good business. good business with a bad reason, but good business none the less. unless yours looks like this:

those are wrong for two reasons – first off, they look like shit. beyond ghetto. that makes sense – and not ’cause they were done in hotlanta. and not ’cause they were done on black folk. but rather because they were done by an “artist” (i put it in quotes for a reason, and i dare say it wasn’t done at a shop going off the quality and the reason this ended up on the news). no, it makes sense for another reason:

the one on the right is on the arm of a ten year old boy.

yeppers. to memorialize the twelve year old struck by a car two years ago a mom went out and got a memorial tattoo – and got her ten year old son one as well. she was arrested and was confused saying, “i’m his mom – i gave my permission. who gets to tell me what i can and can’t do with MY son?”

answer – the government.

a nice sentiment, but a dumb-ass idea. this is why the “no tattoos on minors even with parental consent” law is on the books in texas, georgia, floriday, louisiana, california, etc, etc, etc…