deduction reduction, what’s your function? (a tax day NON sixer)

let’s ‘fess up and talk about the REAL reason some y’all had kids…

…the tax deduction. c’mon…admit it.

and while i’m not a superstitious guy per say, i do know that this shit here is, as ME would say, “bad ju-ju”.

to save you from following the link, a lady that worked for a school (aren’t they supposed to care about kids, let alone their own, a bit more than this) went to her bosses all bereaved and shit about the loss of her daughter, who had died tragically in costa rica, requiring her to head off to the tropical south american paradise to make all the arrangements and grieve with the locals…

…and by “grieve with the locals” i mean “get shit faced on a costa rican beach resort-style” ’cause her daughter wasn’t actually IN costa rica OR DEAD.

that’s severely fucked up. just sayin’.