it’s a new week, so fill your koozie up with something new…

i should preface this bit by saying even though april fool’s day was recent i’m not making this shit up…

…although shane will probably wish i had. oh, and to explain the title i work thursday – monday, so technically this is monday, but for me it’s friday – make sense? moving on, i’ll let the pic speak for itself:

yep – scotch…in a can.

while some might see this as blasphemous, the only criticism that seems to be coming out from the higher ups (and by that i mean whiskey and booze critics) seems to be the packaging size – it’s a standard twelve ounce can, which equates to eight shots of booze in a container that once it’s opened, has to be consumed…so the argument is, “what consumers will be comfortable consuming eight ounces of eighty-proof liquor in a single serving?”

well – i can think of at least two of us…one of us WRITES this page, the other one READS it.

i’m not gonna lie – when i first read about this i expected all sorts of whiskey-fueled snobbery, but instead the only concern seems to be, “what occasion would call for consuming twelve ounces of forty-percent alcohol by volume beverage in a single sitting?”. i can some it up in one word:


seriously – with the economy, and life being what it is for me lately (and while some of my circumstances are pretty unique, i find it hard to believe (possibly just for psychological balance reasons) that the level of shit in my life is exclusive to me i don’t think how MUCH hard liquor we can consume in a sitting should be a concern – more like how to keep it coming and keep it cold…and a can suits that ideally.

hell, i’m not even a “scotch guy” and i’d buy a six pack and keep it in the fridge.

again, to have what’s becoming my traditional “ruin the magic” moment, this is being written a little more than two weeks from when it hits the market (february 1st) but you’re reading it two months after it hit – so this might be in your fridge by now. hell, it might be in mine. let’s review it in the comments section, shall we?

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  • Shane Apr 10, 2012 @ 20:12

    1) Scotch shouldn’t be served at anything less than room temp. Fuck those guys (yeah Sean, I’m talking to you and your ilk) that water down their booze with ice! Pussies!

    …and 2) I’m not sure if this is the greatest or worst idea I’ve ever heard. Guess it all depends on the quality and price of the scotch.