two in the…wait…what the?

i don’t know if i should be turned on or disgusted here…

…sadly, this is not the first time i’ve had to face this dilemma.

a rather attractive girl (see pic below) came out on a british tv show recently to publically declare that she was, in more than just the bee-gee’s sense of the phrase, “more than a woman”.

in reality, she was essentially two. depending on how you define a woman. i don’t mean she’s complex. i don’t mean she schizophrenic (at least no more than any other woman). no i mean she has TWO wombs, two cervixes (cervi? my spell check keeps flagging this – fine…what the fuck is plural for “cervix”?), and two vaginas.

i can’t make this shit up…

she has twice the periods, twice the cramps, maybe twice the PMS? she DID lose her virginity…twice (not known if it was at the time or with the same guy) and she can get pregnant twice as well. at the same time. that would be like bad and shit…they say it’s a “one in a million” occurrence, but i think it might be rarer – seems like if it was that common (which put seven of these little freaks in houston alone in true statistical numbers) we’d have heard more about it by now, right?

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  • Shane Apr 10, 2012 @ 20:00

    Can you imagine how much she could make doing porn?

  • Shane Apr 10, 2012 @ 20:01

    I guess at least twice the amount as any of those other hooke…I mean actresses.