snake free for only three…minutes and an hour, that is

today marks a weird landmark in my world…

…we’re closing out the first snake-free weekend at my place in twenty years.


“buddy guy”, so named so i could remember his breed (a guyana boa) passed away last week out of the blue. i say out of the blue, even though he had been acting strange (not leaving one side of his aquarium, never soaking in the water) but still ate less than a week before he passed, which makes it all the more odd as i’ve always been taught that one hallmark of a snake that ain’t that far gone is eating – so for him to eat a large rat and then pass less than a week later is a little odd to me.

that being said, i think i’m kinda done with snakes.

i had tish for seventeen of the twenty years, and my heart was really in to taking care of her. but all the ones during (there were two other snakes and a monitor) and the two since (buddy guy was actually around during tish’s life, but just barely) i just really haven’t felt. i was a lackluster snake dad at best to them, and for that i kinda feel bad. i’m gonna keep tish’s old home, as it’s a custom built wood monstrosity until i decide if i’m am REALLY done with the whole snake thing…but the fifty-five gallon long aquarium i have? that’ll be on craigslist probably before you even read this.

this is being written at 11:17am on tuesday, february 28th only about an hour after i found his lifeless body in his tank, so we’ll see if i feel different later. but for now, i think i’m done…now i just have to decide what “arrangements” to make…

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  • sean Mar 10, 2012 @ 11:13

    odd side note – it turns out he was just really sick and had thrown up his food, hence the smell and the appearance (skin loose and hanging off him, lethargic even by snake measurements, etc) but a week before this posted (last saturday, march 3rd) he did actually pass while i was at work. so it goes…