big swing and a miss at a heart gone away

i know i was suffering from holiday depression…

…’cause otherwise there’s no WAY i woulda missed the photo op in my own garage.

it was the weirdest thing – at the time it happened (about a week and some change ago, and this is being written between Xmas and new years) i was dating a local girl. so, when i came home and there was a heart and “XO” below it i ASSUMED it was here and shot her an email that said, “what – so you’re putting graffiti on my house now? talk about ‘marking your territory’…jeez!”.

but it wasn’t her. oops.

only other thoughts i had were some guy friend of mine fucking with me (but it was written in lip liner i would soon discover as i tried to clean it, which would make that queer in more than one sense of the word) or it could be a friend’s little sister who lately had been getting fucked up and getting a little too flirty for my tastes on the old’ facebook.

all parties across the board denied doing it – including the then “girlfriend” (all who know me know why that’s in quotes) and there we were. i wiped it off before she could come over and actually SEE it (figured that would make it worse) and all was done. no repeats.

but i didn’t get a picture. fuck me.

so now the heart off the door is gone and the “girlfriend” is too. don’t think those two incidents are related, but i guess they might be. still wish i had gotten a pic of the door – that would have capped off this bit nicely, huh? oh well, as i said this is being written a little over three months in advance so if there’s some weird repeat i’ll have a pic of THAT up here. time will tell. three months to go (or gone, by the time you read this…)

(i had a feeling the holidays would suck, which they did, and it would sink me into a bit of a depression, which it did, but i still am able to write – just not nearly as inspired as i was, say, a month ago, when i wrote almost a month’s worth of shit in three days and we got this nice gap between “write time” and “post time”, which allowed me to heal from the holiday heartache and bullshit a little easier – or so i figure. remember – this is actually being written back when all wounds are fresh and such.)

not nearly as depressing as the title made you thought it was gonna be, is it?