i’ve heard of “ass crack”, but i’ve never heard of “ass coke”…

i figured with march being the month of the dueling insanities of spring break (which out of college now for sixteen years i don’t really celebrate) and st. patrick’s day (which i had hoped to celebrate in NOLA this year, but i doubt that’s happening) i figured i’d look back at a news story from late last year some of you might have missed…

…and i think that might be the longest intro i’ve done in more than a minute!

i’ve never had a brother, but i’ve heard the expression “brotherly love” more than once. this, however, might be taking that shit a bit too far.

it can be seen on the video, and the brother says he “don’t need no more strikes” and encouraging his brother to “eat that shit”, which if “shit” is something out of your ass, and that’s where the coke was actually hidden, than for once that term being used for narcotics actually fits!

the brother that did “eat that shit” died of cocaine overdose (apparently that’s some strong shit!) and while the other brother was allowed to bond out (probably, in part, for grieving purposes since his brother had just died) when the police reviewed their camera footage they re-arrested him for involuntary manslaughter so he got that extra strike and his brother died in vane.

the moral to story? unless it’s actual FOOD, don’t eat that shit when told to “eat that shit” while you’re out partying this month!