the death of socialism? I mean, SOCIALIZING…

i thought about something the other day that i guess is obvious, but it took a big bang theory episode to shove that info into my brainus…

…technology is really just made by geeks and nerds who don’t interact well with other real people so we’ll get lazy and interact their, less personal, less face-to-face way than we used to, isn’t it?

think about it…

people used to send out Christmas cards. than came e-cards or group emails. than group texts.

now we just put it on our facebook, and if you’re too lazy or unplugged to read that than fuck you – i TOLD you “happy holidays”, you just didn’t read it. not my fault. i put it out on the interwebs, so that’s all on you. i can’t remember how many times i’ve asked JAB something and he’ll ask, “what – didn’t you read my facebook the other day?”.

we’re grown-ass men. in texas. in our late thirties and extremely early forties (him the former, me the latter, which i only point out ’cause if i didn’t he TOTALLY would). that’s just not right. we’re supposed to drink. and smoke. and shoot things. NOT communicate through some social site where people can “like” every blessed thing you say.

(side note: when somebody “likes” a status that sucks, like “sean got only three hours sleep last night, and not for GOOD reasons” followed by “six people like this” are those really my friends if they LIKE the fact that i can’t sleep worth a shit? really? just sayin’…)

so, on turkey day, which i feel i can still mention this late in the holiday season ’cause at this point it’s all one big holiday, which was apparent when i walked in a new orleans grocery store two days before halloween and all halloween stuff was already on clearance and Christmas music was playing, i decided to do a hybrid of the technology thang. i sent out texts – but not a group text (which sadly, being tech-savvy, i don’t actually know how to do without checking everybody’s name individually, which is just boring). actual, individual texts. there are 247 different listings in my phonebook, but factoring out businesses, people i didn’t feel like reaching out to, people that are in there i don’t actually recognize (which was an alarming percentage) and people i would rather call (dad) or see that day (JAB, kathi, their folks) i ended up sending out ninety-six individual, personalized text messages – that at least said “happy turkey day [fill in name here]!” and most had a second, more personalized line as well. all in all took about an hour to do and cost me my cardio time at the gym, but we all gotta make sacrifices, right?

i can’t do cards or actual mail – that’s just not me. but i’ll do it again on Christmas, as i spend 90% of that day alone anyway…might as well reach out and text someone since i can’t actually TOUCH them.