got junk in your trunk?

you like big butts and you can not lie?

this big enough for ya?

now, before any of you start getting excited if your an “ass man” you should know that IS an ass man. as in a MAN with a big ass.

and it gets worse.

i love people who bargain shop for tattoos and piercings. you’re essentially getting a medical procedure, and rather than go with somebody with tons of experience, professionalism, cleanliness, and quality you’re shooting for the cheapest person who will work on YOUR body and alternate it permanently.

does it get any more stupid?

yuuuuuup! (i’m watching storage wars while i’m typing this, i should add)

the person above is one of those people. not the one that gets procedures on the cheap, but rather does them. i guess it should come as no surprise that if people will get pierced in a kitchen or tattooed on the back porch of a trailer they’ll get surgery at a home, too. and if you can’t trust a cross-dressing transgender with a huge ass to make your ass look ghetto-fabuloso, too, who the fuck can you trust?

but saline and silicone doesn’t come cheap. you know what does? “cement, super glue, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat tire inflator and sealant”, which is in quotes as i copied and pasted out of the article from WTSP-TV Tampa’s website (yes, miss leia, this is going on in your backyard). the cost for the ghetto-ass implants (meant in more than just one sense of the phrase)? $700. given it caused “severe abdominal pain and infected sores on her buttocks accompanied by flu-like symptoms” i don’t know if it was worth it. guess it depends on how her ass looks. she went to two different south florida hospitals, but left before she could be identified and didn’t wanna say what happened at first.

the theory is morris used the compound on himself/herself first. looking at the pictures – gee, ya think?

can you blame the victim for wanting to be secretive and not admit they let this happen let alone PAID for it?

but now the ass (wo)man is behind bars. and i bet he/she is VERY popular.

side note – prior to the bit posting i checked it and saw i had mistakenly titled it “…junk in your DRUNK”, which is almost more funny.