rode hard, put away worse than wet – now in hd!

this brought to you by the good people at fox…

…who now broadcast EVERYTHING in hd. which is cool, as they started this aright around the time i replaced both tvs. and as per most fox changes, there programming reflected it, particularly the cartoons. not so much in quality (although that as well) but in content. the classic simpsons intro now shows a wall-mounted flat-screen in place of the classic tv that was once sold to pay for family electro-shock therapy. and family guy got in the act as well, putting on an episode where there was a female news reporter all the guys had the hots for, until all went hd and all her facial flaws were RIGHT OUT THERE.

than the magic was gone. enter paula abdul.

back in the 80’s she was one of the first “latinas” i had a thing for. i put that in quotes ’cause, well, i don’t know what she is. latin? black? a mix? with that last name, maybe middle eastern? this was in the straight up, dancing with a cartoon cat in her videos days.

than she went away when she married emilio estevez, who coincidentally also went away. but she came back to cry, and rave, and basically go insane (both literally and figuratively) on american idol – and i still thought she looked pretty good…

…than came fox in hd. by then she’d left american idol, but came back now for “the x factor”, which, as it’s new, is in hd.

now i’ve reversed me “she looked pretty good” stance…’cause…um…DAMN!

(it should be noted i’ve never actually set out to watch the “x factor”, but as i rarely watch live tv my dvr caught the tail end of it when i recorded “bones” the other day…)

and i know it has to be lifestyle choices or genetics. she’s got dough – she COULD get work done. if you take care of yourself (or pay the medical folk well enough to take care of you FOR you) you can still look good in hd…just ask morgan fairchild. homegirl is sixty-something, was just on bones this week and still looks good. so paula, call morgan and get the number of her “people”…please!