so far, so good, so what now?

i don’t mean to jinx myself here…

…but at this point the new orleans trip looks like it will really happen. as this is being written all is well, funds are secured (one way or another) and shane’s house sitting so the pups are cool. today (tuesday is when this was written, so kill some of the magic here) i’m gonna take care of car maintenance to help insure smoother sailing and start to get the house in order (for example, making the guest room more “shane liveable”) and make it to where thursday i just get work knocked out, come home for one last pre-vaca pup visit and then be on the road by 4:30 or so (putting me in NOLA around 1am by most estimates).

(and of course after i wrote this i found out my air filter is BEYOND clogged, and no place in l-town has a replacement, and it’s even ripped a bit at the bottom – i THINK i got it cleaned out pretty good, if nothing else it’s a SHIT-TON better than it was…hopefully it gets me the safely across the 1,000 bayou trip!)