running out of…i mean out FOR…fuel

gas prices suck…

…and they ain’t getting any better.

most of us know this. i say “most” because i commented to somebody about filling up with gas on the texas/louisiana border for $3.33 9/10ths and that was for SUPREME. i’ve seen pricing slightly lower, but that was always in parts of austin where i didn’t really want to even stop my car, let alone let whatever passes for “gasoline” in that neighborhood get into my engine.

but that border price was at a love’s truck stop, which i know i can trust, so that was pretty awesome. anywho, the person i was telling this to asked me, “is that good?”, following with, “i don’t even pay attention to gas prices any more. i know how much i have to spend on gas, i put that much in, i drive till the light comes back on, than i put more in…it’s gotten so ridiculous i don’t even pay attention any more…”

i’m kinda jealous of that to be honest with you.

i saw such a myriad of gas price ranges i honestly don’t know if we’re getting fucked on the local, state, or national level. at one point i saw a variation of SIXTY CENTS per gallon for the “cheap stuff”, and that was just one side of the interstate to the other. that’s fucked up.

what i don’t get is the people that drive WAY out of their way to fill up ’cause it’s cheaper somewhere else in town. people, do the math. i have a sixteen gallon tank, but as i never let it run to fumes let’s count it as fifteen gallons. that means if gas is, say, twenty cents a gallon cheaper (which it rarely varies that much) from “station a” to “station b” that’s a savings of three bucks, which is less than a gallon, which is more than most of us will kill in traffic trying to get there.

so just be sensible about it – and for those of you who only put in ten of fifteen bucks at a time, in today’s prices, as long as it’s within a dollar of the price you just passed you won’t really see a difference overall.

and pray all you want it ain’t going down by much…ever…i promise.