friday fabulous follow-up bit

yesterday just sucked…

…i was on little sleep thanks to a mixture of being worried about somebody near and dear to me going through a bit of xxxl drama and copper waking me up multiple times, which has become a nightly occurrence AND she’s been limping around with a torn paw pad.

part of this, i believe, is due to squirrels in my attic – which i will attempt to tackle with a small animal trap i’m borrowing from JAB later today. but part of it, wednesday night, was because of a neighbor’s fucking cat, that this time not only left a good deposit of fur on the convertible top (this can also harm it due to the weight, i should add, but thankfully there was no claw holes i could see) but also in the process of getting up there left several muddy paw prints AND in getting a grip partially popped off my windshield wiper AND front passenger turn signal (as i’ve previously stated a bmw is essentially a giant expensive snap-tite model kit). i discovered the former while driving and the latter when i pulled over to fix the wiper.

this is not the way to start the day – especially when it’s not even YOUR fucking animal fucking up your shit.

to add minor insult to injury the replacement roundell for the one that got boosted was still stuck somewhere in florida. so between the drama by proxy, the pussy/bmw issue and the ghetto hood ornament thursday coulda been better.

i had the city come out and set traps so i was actually kinda excited when cop woke me up at 3am figuring it was due to some trap slapping shut noise, which it WAS – but the trap was empty. so i reset it and went to bed, waking up naturally and getting up to go get breakfast tacos, only to find this out between the camaro and the malibu:

so that’s at least one issue resolved. mid way through writing this the city came and picked her up. no tags, no collar, so the owner gets to come to the city and pay a fine for them having to trap her “nuisance animal” PLUS a fine for no rabies tag or registration – and even more if there are no actual shots on the animal, total of close to $500. hopefully that nips it, but i’ll keep my eye out.

on walking back in i noticed the mail was already here, and the roundell came in so my boy looks sharp again:

so with all that AND copper’s paw being on the mend all on its own we just need to focus on my helping alleviate the drama (or stress therefrom) i can for those close to me and this could turn out to be a great weekend…