the sounds of silence (a sixer-free sunday bit…or perhaps not)

my 3am facebook post said it all…

…”sean apparently just never gets to sleep again…ever.”

but i think i figured it out. at least i HOPE i did. my saturday at a glance:

1. slow ass business, so next to no dough this weekend
2. dropped my phone right before we closed and it broke, so i gotta figure out a replacement
3. got home to stuffy house, a/c frozen up solid
4. walked out to funny smell, and copper had had an accident in her crate
5. went to bed at 2:45am, dogs kept me up (literally) all night till 6am
6. finally got to sleep at 6:45 (after replacing a/c filter and getting to close up house) only for alarm to go off at 8am, slapped snooze till 9:15, at work ever since…

…and here we are. wonder why my mood sucks, huh?

(and shit, there’s your sixer without me even really trying for it)

crate got cleaned (but meant every time she barked i put her out), a/c appears to be working now that filter got replaced, which meant i could close up the house and drone out the new neighbor’s loud ass barking dogs which appears to be what’s been setting mine off now that i think about it, so we’ll see if tonight i finally get some sleep…i’d better…if not i don’t know if i can criminally be prosecuted for my actions with this much sleep depravity going on.