making a list, checking it twice

NO, this is not an early holiday bit…

…i wouldn’t do that to you guys, since we all know now a days the holiday season begins the day after the halloween stuff comes down.

this is about organization…and the motivation on this bit has died in the last twenty-four hours. i STARTED this yesterday, all about how i didn’t do shit all week but hemorrhage cash, and now things were gonna be different, and i was knock shit out of the part next week, and i had a LIST to help me do it.

now, i’m not so sure.

this weekend has been BEYOND dead, and that makes me nervous. the last time i had a chunk o’ change to do house shit it got pushed ’cause i needed the cash to survive…work wasn’t covering me. and if things don’t pick up, i might be in the same boat.

so, we’ll see how the rest of the weekend goes, and see if all that motivation sticks around for the week. as of now? not so much…but we’ll see. i’ve made a list, i’ll check it twice – but will i DO any of it???