shuffle-shuffle-shuffle (my first iTunes sixer)

i’m a bit of an iTunes snob…

…even if i OWN the cd, i still cherry-pick through it for which songs i wanna listen to as if my iTunes library is only a couple dozen songs.

even though it’s actually over 9,000.

i know plenty of people with more than me – but they don’t typically know EVERY song. i do.

i’ve taught friend’s moms how to use iTunes. girls i’ve dated as well. i don’t know it as well as some (kramer), but i do okay. and seem to be the “go to” guy for several people on it…partially ’cause of my lifelong love affair with music, partially ’cause of my library bordering on the five figures (which i know kramer beats easily, but i still think i know the music in mine possibly better than he knows his). he also has the patience to have parts of mix discs or live albums pop up in shuffle all out of sequence and out of place and deal with it…i don’t have that level of patience. for that i have “da’ list” – a playlist that’s all songs that can shuffle away just fine, no partial mixes or live tracks that cut the applause off all odd and shit. ‘da list is just shy of 7,500 tracks at this point, so here’s what i did: brought up “da’ list”, hooked up a travel mouse with no clicker on the wheel, and spun it like i was trying to win the showcase showdown…let it land where it did, and then let shuffle take me to five more tracks…as i used to write record reviews, figured i’d let it run to the first six tracks the iTunes gods selected and i had to write bits short enough to be completed as the song played so i could write the next one as it came up – and here’s what we got.

1. depeche mode – little 15 (bogus brothers mix) – no surprise depeche came up as i have more tracks from them than anybody else. this was originally released on 12″ single under the name “the bogus brothers” and the track name “violation 15″…always rumored to be a real DM mix that was not approved for release by mute records, this apparently proved the case as it was finally released “officially” as a downloadable only track for the remix CD set they put out in 2004. still love the song, still cherish the vinyl.

2. dean martin – mambo italiano – sadly this got stuck in my head from a mastercard tv commercial about pizza. even more sad that with the fees the mastercard folks charge they didn’t even use the real dino version…they used some lousy cover. liked this more, downloaded this to the ol’ list. it’s dino at his finest – no more need be said.

3. r.e.m. – night swimming – odd this came up as i put my status of facebook earlier as “i’d rather be swimming”, mainly ’cause of the muggy-ass night i was driving home in with with top down on the camaro. one of my favorite r.e.m. songs from one of my favorite albums (one of few i’ve owned on three different mediums – cassette, LP, and cd chronologically) and one of the few songs they’ve played live all three times i’ve seen them.

4. beastie boys – sounds of science – again odd to come up, as i’m typing this wearing a t-shirt from hot topic (of all places for my old ass to shop) with the full eight panel graphics of the album this came from (paul’s boutique). hands down my favorite beastie boys album, which has three distinctions all its own:
a. the only thing i ever got free from a “sundance records punch card”
b. the only album i’ve ever seen a full list of samples from, which is massive and ironic ’cause…
c. the only album they’ve ever been sued over for use of unauthorized samples

also the album that was big enough to get two brits to name their dance band after california-based production duo “the dust brothers”, but when they made it big they got sued over that and hence changed their name to “chemical brothers” and to kiss their old monicker good-bye named their first album exit planet dust

5. santana – oye como va – more mexican than the last two mexican girls i’ve dated COMBINED. also contains more spanish than either of ’em know as well. i don’t know what this song says, but i know it’s got an AWESOME groove to it. gonna just sit back and enjoy it till…

6. inxs – mystify (live) – this album shouldn’t be in “da’ list” as its a live one and all, but it does help me end on a good note…one of the tracks i used to play incessantly on college radio. KTSW represent! i’m off to bed now…

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  • Kramer Jul 25, 2011 @ 20:25

    Yes, you know your library better.

    Speaking of which, wasn’t there a Prodigy CD you were going to drop by with?