fuck national insomniac night?

so, i didn’t sleep worth a crap at first last night…

…which isn’t as typical as it used to be.

i’ve got a lot on mine. personal and professional shit. money problems. car issues. etc, etc, etc. but with a little help from my little friends (i.e. ibuprofen pm) i usually sleep pretty good. last night was an exception. i went to bed around 10:30 or so, did a little reading, and tried to crash out about eleven. but i tossed and turned until about 1:30, when another dose of IPM’s and a little something extra finally put me down like a bull elephant until around 8:30 or so (i was originally trying to get up a bit earlier).

why does that suck more than the obvious reason?

thursday night is my “warm-up” sleep for the weekend. due to my work schedule only getting four to five hours of sleep a night friday and saturday night is pretty common…and coming in with a slumber DEFICIT doesn’t bode well for my energy levels later. so, we’ll see how this works out.

but now for the freaky part…

spoke to a friend earlier and she had problems sleeping – and said she had spoke to a mutual friend of ours and they had problems sleeping as well. so, was last night just a sleepless night? is anybody even awake to read this shit today?